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Is this Project dead?
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Author:  Gothic [ Mon 17. Oct 2016, 16:35 ]
Post subject:  Is this Project dead?


In the past days i talked to some Indie Developers. The Idea is great. The Game is great.

But the Question to you konemaster is, can a Indie Developer finish this or make a own Remake?

The Main point is who ist the owner of the licence for this game, or is there no licence?



Author:  TZoli [ Mon 17. Oct 2016, 19:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: Is this Project dead?

Sadly it did died :(
We collected large amount of data both game data (map, AI, savegame hexa) and test results, but as we are not programmers (except of 1-2 of us) the project did not evovled past a bold idea. Licence is unknown as the original company went bankrupt and thus no longer exist there is a successor company which holds at least one from the original team created Transarctica, and there were unfruitful communications between them (not really replying and not really providing help or support for a remake) not to mention Konemaster's fear of legal issues (don't know why....)

Author:  TZoli [ Mon 17. Oct 2016, 19:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Is this Project dead?

Of course we wish to see a remake of the game and would like to offer our findings to help another project to start, some of us (the active memebers, me, Ornicar and Gridranger for example) have skype and are often online to discuss the project if necessary.

Author:  konemaster [ Tue 18. Oct 2016, 10:30 ]
Post subject:  Re: Is this Project dead?

Thank you Tzoli.

Hi Gothic,

what exactly do you mean by 'talked to some Indie Developers'?
About the game?

Of course it's great and the idea of making a modern adaptation would be even better.

1. Legal Rights
But as TZoli mentioned I personally (and I guess maybe everybody in Western Europe with / and / or applicable laws) would have problems
in case the original rights bearer comes back to the market and sues.
This - for me - is a big hinderance but not a total showstopper.

2. Time for coding
Right now I do not have enough time for any side project.
I spent the last years trying to push my career to the gaming side of programming but my plans got postponed once again some weeks ago.
However, to be successful I would need to SELL stuff - so at least I could not start with this project.
The app market is highly contested so the first thing you put on there needs to get selling quickly.
Also I encourage everyone who thinks he has what it takes to try and start recreating this game.
(Well maybe for starters one should start with a very easy game if you are a beginner at coding.)
Also this game is much more complex when you think it through from a programming side than one might initially think. Please be warned. :-)

As soon as SOMEBODY (=anybody) has time and makes a viable effort I will link to whatever he wants and put a text so that all people can go support this guy.
If the game launches and this forum is not needed anymore I will shut it down.
Until that time this forum will stay online to have a place to gather material and talk about possibilities and maybe some coder/leader with time comes here and get's this started.

So I would describe the Status of this project as: waiting.

P.S.: Also see this thread:
P.S.2: I'm always open for other opinions and suggestions!

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